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Invest in our IPOs and on the quoted companies on the main international financial markets.

Stock Advisor Ltd allows you to access data and information to make an informed investment in international financial markets.


Access, Access + and Growth by Euronext, the first pan-European stock exchange for European SMEs, AIM Italia and ExTramoT PRO, the Italian Stock Exchange market tailored for SMEs, and PROSPECT the fast, low cost and accessible Malta Stock Exchange segment startups and SMEs with international development plans, represent the best of European financial markets. AIM Italia is also the only stock market that can host Innovative SMEs and offer important tax breaks to Investors, which can be combined with the tax benefit of the RIP.

These financial markets combine risk components and high performance probabilities on individual securities; for these reasons they are suitable mainly for Qualified Investors and require a thorough knowledge of the characteristics of the market and of the individual Equity Stories.

The Stock Advisor Ltd platform is a smart tool for accessing data and information and investing in an informed way.

Do you have a sustainable growth project and good fundamentals?

Verifica se la tua azienda è quotabile sui Mercati Internazionali

Know the market

Read and download the analyzes on our reference financial markets and listed and listed companies.

Follow your wallet

Choose the companies you want to follow and get real-time information on corporate developments.

IPO and secondary

Take part in the pre-marketing phases in the listing operations and follow the deals on the secondary.

Join the Club

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