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Check if your company is listed on EURONEXT Paris.

Stock Advisor Ltd is an opportunity for companies that want to be listed on the Euronext Paris market. Entrust yourself to a team of professionals ready to advise you in the best possible way for listing on the Stock Market in the ACCESS, ACCESS + and GROWTH segments


Euronext is the main financial market and pan-European stock exchange in the Eurozone.


Euronext supports companies from local and international blue chips to small and medium enterprises with directory services to meet their specific needs. The issuers of all geographical areas and all sectors can grow by raising capital on our regulated markets in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, London and Paris and take advantage of exposure to the diversified and international client base of the stock exchange.

Why get listed on Euronext?

  • The main listing site for continental Europe for SMEs

  • Large pool of investors

  • Active financial ecosystem for Small & Midcaps

  • Tailor-made markets for SMEs

  • Local Euronext experts to support you on your journey

  • Pre-IPO educational programs

  • Visibility through PMI indexes

    Euronext is dedicated to financing and promoting small and mid caps on the financial markets through two very flexible listing solutions for startups and SMEs. This is Euronext Access (which in Paris has replaced the former Marchè Libre) with the Euronext Access + compartment for growing startups and SMEs, and Euronext Growth (the former Alternext) dedicated to SMEs.


Euronext Access is a market managed by Euronext Paris, and is not a regulated market but a multilateral trading system.

Consequently, the Issuers with Securities admitted to trading on Euronext Access are not bound by the

requirements due to admission to trading on a regulated market. Similarly, requirements are more flexible than those applicable to the growing Euronext market.


This means among other things that:

A first admission to trading on Euronext Access obtained through a private placement or a technician admission is not subject to the condition of publishing a Prospectus;


• Issuers may choose to prepare their consolidated financial statements where applicable, in accordance with the accounting principles applicable in the country of its registered office or international accounting standards (IAS / IFRS) (if permitted by applicable laws and regulations);


• There are no minimum requirements for public participation and / or minimum market capitalization in relation to the Securities of issuers, with the exception of the choice of the issuer for Euronext Access +;


• The requirements for periodic information applicable to companies admitted to trading on the regulated market do not apply;


• The requirements relating to the notification and disclosure of the main interests applicable to companies admitted to trading on a regulated market do not apply;


• The corporate governance requirements applicable to companies admitted to trading in a Regulation The market does not apply;


• The public tender offer regime does not apply.


Issuers may choose to be admitted to the standard segment of Euronext Access or Euronext Access +.


Euronext Access+ is available only for equity securities and closed-end investment entities.

Issuers on Euronext Access + are required to fulfill certain additional (disclosure) obligations and are required to appoint a Listing Sponsor on an ongoing basis.


It facilitates easy market promotion of Euronext growth and access to capital.

Issuers will be assigned to the normal segment starting from the first effective day of the Regulation unless an Issuer specifically requests assignment to Euronext Access + and provides the evidence and takes the actions required in the context of such assignment to Euronext Access +.


Issuers may choose to be admitted on Euronext Access + upon initial admission to Euronext Access or may choose to promote from the standard segment to Euronext Access + as soon as they meet the associated conditions.


Euronext Growth, a regulated alternative for small and medium-sized businesses

Initially called Alternext, Euronext Growth offers more flexible access to the market, with simpler admission rules, limited constraints and fewer permanent obligations with respect to the regulated market of Euronext, while allowing the Bank to be considered as a financing solution.


Dedicated mainly to small and medium capitalization companies, mid-cap companies and high potential companies, this market is open to professionals and non-professional investors.


This market is controlled but not regulated according to EU directives. In fact, listed companies have lower obligations than the main segments, in particular as regards the publication of regular financial information.

However, the market abuse guidelines and the EU Prospectus Directive apply in the context of a public offering.

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